Funeral/Unveiling Options

The release of doves is a meaningful and touching way of commemorating the life of your loved one.  Many religions have find special significance in releasing doves.  We can cater for many different beliefs.

Our birds, once released, will circle the immediate area before departing for home.

Some suggested options are below, we can accomodate any particular requirements.


-A  single dove can be released by the mother, father or husband or wife

- After a single dove gets released baskets can be released by the kids, Grandkids, sisters or brothers.

.- A dove can be released by hand by all close family members.

- The number of doves that get released could be the age of the person who has past away.



We can release the number of doves to reflect the age of the loved one.


Family release:

Each member of the family releases one dove each by hand or out of baskets.



We have available poems of the significance of doves.




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