Karam and Nada

Hi Brenda,

Just wanted to thank you for making such a brilliant effort in coming to my special day despite the bad weather and allowing the two of us to experience such a touching and brilliant moment! Your birds are brilliant and your service is super! Can't thank you enough cause you have truly put a smile on my face that day! Especially when you waved at me telling me you were here! Thanks a lot Brenda and well done for the brilliant service.

From Karam and Nada

Sheryl Baron, Scouting N.Z

August 7, 2007

Dear Brenda,

On behalf of every participant at our Scouting Sunnse Event on 1 August 2007 may I offer to you and your family our sincere thanks for your enormous contribution to our celebration of 100 years of International Scouting. The doves made a fabulous spectacle and everyone commented very positively about the very memorable nature of the release of such a large number of pure white birds!

The Scouts really enjoyed the hands-on nature of this part of the morning event.

I hope that at some time in the future we may do business again!

With thanks again,
Sheryl Baron
Zone Leader
Akarana Zone
Scouting N.Z.

Mareta & Anthony Ikimata

To Brenda & Barrie - Wedding Wings.

Thank you both so much for introducing us to a whole new experience.

We received a tremendous amount of comments and feedback from our friends and family who attended our special day. The whole idea of having the doves released in the garden was spectacular.


Thank you for assisting with the co-ordination on the day. We couldn't have done it without you.

Again, we would like to acknowledge you both for your wonderful services and hospitality. An unforgettable experience.

Mareta & Anthony Ikimata

Hayley & Warren

To Brenda,

Thanks heaps for all your help in arranging the doves for our wedding.

What a great idea, they looked fantastic.

A big thanks too, for managing to get the stands for us.

Thanks again

From Hayley & Warren

Collette and Glen Gascoigne-Spittle

Hello Brenda,

Thank you for supplying the doves at our wedding, they were fantastic! I have attached a picture for you, unfortunately there were not a lot of pictures taken with the doves, but here is the best one.

Thank you again,

Collette and Glen Gascoigne-Spittle

Charlie Rabone: Producer, short film, John's Hand Cream

Hello Brenda,

As a requirement of the script, a pigeon was to appear to come back to life in an actor's hands, then fly out of the window. Technically these shots were difficult to achieve, however the birds provided by Brenda were absolutely wonderful on set, and did exactly what was asked, when it was needed. And when not required, remained quiet and content in the corner.

I'd recommend to others in the industry and wouldn't hesitate to use Wedding Wings again in the future.

Charlie Rabone

Dianna Smith

Hello Brenda,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for doing our wedding on Saturday 17th. The doves were a perfect touch! We had a lot of comments on how lovely they were.

Gareth also told me that you helped him calm down a lot, so thank you for that also.

You guys are awesome!

Thanks once again

Charlie Rabone


John & Rheyet Flores

Having the doves at our wedding created one of our most picturesque photos.

The doves and baskets were absolutely beautiful and have left an everlasting impression on us and our guests!

Liz worked with us to make sure we were comfortable with the doves and the sequence of events before they happened.This meaningful moment will be in our hearts for a lifetime.

The doves and expert service were worth every penny!

Thank you again,

John and Rheyet Flores, married September 24, 2011



We just got our photos back and I wanted to send you some as they are they are simply beautiful!Thank you SO much again for bringing the doves, was one of my favourite moments of the day

warm regards,


Amand and Zach