Wedding Options

Here are some suggested options for your wedding day, these can easily be customised for your particular needs.  You can have a rehearsal at not charge to go over options and also familiarise yourself with the release.


Option 1:

2 Doves.

The bride and groom release one dove each either from the heart-shaped basket or by hand.  These doves will circle together before flying home, just as you will start your new journey as husband and wife.


Option 2:

12 Doves.

This starts the same as option one, however there will be two baskets on either side that can be released by the wedding party or parents.  These baskets will be decorated to match the wedding attire.  The doves will soar into the sky and form one large group that will cirlce the area, this can signify the joining of the families and looks spectacular.


Option 3:

22 Doves.

Similar to option 2 but with an additional 2 baskets and more doves.  This option is the most specatacualr of the three and will be talked about by those at the wedding for years to come!  This option is also good if you have a large family and want more people involved in the release.  Many couples with children find this the most fun option.




We have a number of poems relating to the symbolism of doves and marriage, please contact us for further information.




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